About Common Good

We believe that for the vast majority of people, making the world better, safer, more inclusive and collaborative is a priority and if given the tools and encouragement, they will work towards the Common Good.

Laura Marks spent many years at a senior level in the commercial world of communications before transferring her skills to addressing the fractures and separations so apparent in modern society. We have seen hate crime rising post-Brexit and likely to rise further in the post-Covid19 environment, alongside an alarming rise in attacks on Muslims, Jews, women and other minorities.  The need to understand and address barriers and hostility couldn’t be more real.

At the Common Good we use the structures, accountability and methodology of the commercial world combined with nearly two decades of experience in the world of faith communities. Laura works to set up and improve organisations which bring people together focusing primarily on the inter-sections between gender, ‘faith’ and justice.

Our ethos is based on a belief that projects which successfully support a society where values, spaces and relationships are shared, require an ability to work both at a policy or Top Down level, and also from the grass roots, or Bottom Up. Laura’s ability to collaborate, and work in partnership with others, has ensured strong solutions and outcomes.

Laura contributes to government, commercial and community boards and advisory groups, both in the UK and internationally. She loves to write, talk(!) and broadcast to promote Common Good values and can regularly be heard on Radio 2’s Pause for Thought.

Laura has three grown up ‘children’, a husband Dan,  a dog, Basel and puppy Shuli, many of whom live with her in North London.